Become Partner of TemplatePath

Growing or expanding a business could be challenging for anyone. Especially for small businesses. If you already have a business set up and looking for new opportunities, we are offering a strategic or service partnerships.

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Benefits of Service Partnering with Us…

Benefits of Service Partnering with Us…

The benefit of this partnership is, we can share the resources. We are a giant theme development company on the web. We have already established business and looking to explore new things. Together we can grow and touch the dream. It could be more beneficial for both of us. ​

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Save Time to Handle Clients

You will have access to our resources since you are a service partner of the TemplatePath. You might always use our service resources depending on the sort of project. You are welcome to contact us for assistance.

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Handle Lot of Project without Hassle

If your business is related to clients like an agency, there is no fixed amount of clients. It fluctuates, sometimes it is huge, sometimes very slow. You can have our services to complete additional tasks with full professional care and enjoy a hassle free business.

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Get Access to Use Our Resources

Our service partners have access to our resources depending on their business type. If you are facing any problem and our resources can help you on that, feel free to ask for the co-operation. This will save lots of precious time and make you hassle free.

What Do We Offer?

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Theme from Scratch

If there is no PSD template and looking for a custom WordPress theme, we can help you with our team. This service is suitable mostly for new business website. If you have chosen WordPress CMS for the business website, this service will help to establish and design the site from the beginning. Before asking for this service, consult with us, and tell us what the requirements are. Our expert team will handle the rest of the work until it becomes ready to us

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PSD to WordPress

Do you already have a ready PSD? Now, you are looking for a professional service to convert it into a WordPress theme? Then we can help you with our service. Just give us the PSD and give detailed instructions on what you want to do with it. Our developer team will work on it with WordPress.

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Ecommerce Theme

Ecommerce websites are not like regular web platforms. This business requires lots of customization than the other regular website. The good thing is, now WooCommerce can fulfil all the requirements. For this, we have a dedicated service for WooCommerce themes. Developing a new eCommerce site with all the functionalities and features even something complex, this service is suitable.

Customize Existing Theme

Do you already have a WordPress theme installed for the website? Looking for some modifications in theme to have more funcional or manging traffic of the website? Then you could find a smooth solution with this Custom WordPress Theme Development service. This service will improve or customize the existing theme as per the changed requirements. Just tell us what kind of modifications do you need, and we will turn the theme as you want.

Technical support

Technical support and troubleshooting is a service provided by a WordPress development company to help customers with any technical issues or problems that may arise with their website. This may include resolving errors, bugs, or other technical problems that may occur. The company will provide assistance to customers to resolve the issues, troubleshoot and debug the website.

Data migration and website transfer

Data migration and website transfer are services provided by a WordPress development company to help customers move their website and associated data from one platform or hosting provider to another. Data migration typically involves transferring all the data and files associated with a website, including the website's content, images, videos, and other media, as well as any user data, such as comments and user profiles.