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Speed Optimization

Website Speed Optimization Service.

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, most people forget to check the site loading speed. It is crucial to have a fast loading speed if you don't want to miss more traffic. In fact, website speed optimization is a part of SEO. When your website loads faster, it will perform better. That’s why we designed the website speed optimization service go get rid of this issue.

A fast website means when someone trying to visit your site, it will load fast. Now the question is, how fast! Well, it is recommended to keep the loading speed within 3 seconds. Websites that take more than 3 seconds of loading won't get the expected result for the

What Do We Do to Optimize Speed?

We know each site may have its unique design and the media files won't be the same. We follow
a process that suits for any website. Here are the things we will fix –

Image Optimization

Regardless of the website's topic, there may have tons of images. The problem is when you use too many images, that could slow down the loading speed. We will optimize all the images so that each page of your website become lightweight and loads faster.

Optimizing Codes

Sometimes the issue goes with the coding format of the website. Because when you are getting the website ready from a service provider, they may have not used a clean and proper coding. We will optimize the PHP, HTML, and CSS. Also, if there are JavaScript files, we will have a look at it. Our expert developer team knows where to optimize.

Upload to CDN

To achieve a smooth performance from the website, we will make an easy process to upload files to CDN. It will reduce extra pressure on the server and reduce the loading time.

Benefits of Website Speed
Optimization Service

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