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Server Migration

Website Server
Migration Service

When you are getting tons of traffic, you might want to migrate or update the server for your website. If you have decided to migrate your website to a better server, you have taken the right decision. But the problem is, you might not be able to perform the task yourself. That requires someone who has experience with it.

In Template Path, we are offering an exclusive website server migration service that will upgrade the website to the new server without technical issues.

What Do We Offer in the Service?

We know each site may have its unique design and the media files won't be the same. We follow
a process that suits for any website. Here are the things we will fix –

Migrating All

When we are asking server migration service for your website, we mean we will move all data of your website to the new server. It won't leave something important behind the website. For example, your website might have several image files, videos, links, cache files, and more. During the migration process, we will move all of them to the new server. Even if there are emails and subdomains for your website, we will migrate them as well. There is no chance of data loss.

Migration Any

Our server migration service is not limited to some particular types of websites. Regardless of the style and design of the website, we can migrate it. For instance, you may have a regular blog website, a woo commerce website, or anything else, we will handle the migration. So, no matter what is the style of the website, you can take this service from us.


Once the migration of the server is done, we review the whole website. This process ensures you are getting everything that was installed on the old website. You can also review your website if you want. That gives you the freedom to stay worry-free. You will never miss any updated things from the old server.


The most challenging thing for website server migration service is ensuring that the transition remains uninterrupted. The cause is, if your website is so popular and you always have real-time traffic, you can interrupt the website's functionalities. Considering this, we ensure that the transition between the servers will be smooth and error-free. Your website will have full functionalities and it will be live with the backup system.

Why Should You Choose
Template Path?

Maybe you are wondering if there are free options, why would you choose our service. Well, you might get some free options for website migrations but the fact is, there you will hardly get to know if everything is ok. Here are the things that we ensure in our server migration service –

How to Get The Server
Migration Service?

To get this service, you can directly reach us through the contact page. You need to provide the website
details and the server details. Make sure that you are mentioning both the old server system and the
upgraded server system. We will have a look at the details and give you the quote for the service. If you
are okay with it, let us know and we will start working on it.

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