why is WordPress site so slow

why is my WordPress site so slow You may wonder why my WordPress site so slow which was performing faster while it was launched but day after day it is getting slower. Maybe you have tried many options but it didn’t return any positive results and it has become your nightmare and the reason of […]

Can WordPress be used offline

Can WordPress be used offline WordPress is a CMS system that was written in PHP paired with MySQL and distribution is free and open-source. WordPress was meant to be online system running on web servers, supporting almost all types. Most of the time, WordPress runs on Linux server as they are lower on cost but […]

how to install wordpress theme in wordpress

How to install WordPress theme in WordPress WordPress can be installed on four basic ways :  1 From default Theme store, choosing one of them. This is a one click setup method, which does not need any permission or instruction or any other permission from user.  When you are logged in on WordPress wp-admin, they […]