free vs paid wordpress themes

WordPress with docker

Is Website Marketing Necessary? There is a common question among the WordPress users, why do I need premium WordPress theme download  while I could get a free WordPress theme for a blog website. Well, the answer to the question on “free vs paid WordPress themes” solely depends on users’ choices. If your intention is to […]

What is WordPress SSL certificate

WordPress with docker

What is WordPress SSL certificate It is very important for a website to maintain the data security while transmitting the data packs on user and web servers end. They should be encrypted to get protection from attackers ad keep the data secure on both end. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an internet security protocol which […]

Importance of UX Design for Website

WordPress with docker

Importance of UX Design for Website UX is the short form of User Experience, which is related to end-user interaction with a company and its services/products. How the end-user feels, thinks, anything bad or good related to the product – all the data’s are researched for better improvement & sales and nonetheless to say, it […]

Importance of WordPress SEO, Why you need it

WordPress with docker

WordPress SEO SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is not directly related with website design or any technical issues, not directly related with frontend or backend development tasks. It is related with the ranking system of websites on Search engines. It helps Search engines to understand websites pages, why those pages are created, what they […]

WordPress with Docker

WordPress with docker

WordPress with docker Maybe you have coded well, you are happy with this and sent it to someone to have a look. But… There is a big big problem, the other person can’t see or preview that code as another kind of computer system is running on that machine which is preventing different environment sources […]

Are all Websites Secure and Safe

Are all Websites Secure and Safe Before we proceed to the main topic, we have to focus on the matter of ‘what is a website’ first. In short, a website is the combination of a domain and hosting where hosting means the file server generally. User have to register a domain name from Icann or […]

Custom WordPress Plugin

Custom WordPress Plugin

Custom WordPress Plugin WordPress allows the users to post blogs, product items with ease and has the most advanced feature a general user may need. But, it seems that users need to add some extra functionality on WordPress for some more productivity, activity, and facilities on the website. For instance, a WordPress user may need […]

WordPress increase upload size

WordPress upload limit

WordPress Increase Upload Size If you are a WordPress user, then you are uploading images, pdf, and document files regularly. As they are not much larger in size, having the size in average of 500-900kb highest, there is no issue. But, sometimes you may need to upload larger files than usual and if it is […]

What are website themes

CMS theme store free download

What are Website Themes Website themes are the files which fetch data from a web server and display them to the visitor. They display those data which they are instructed for by their publisher. If a theme is designed to display the list of audio files from its hosting server directory, then it will do […]

WordPress Update

wordpress update

WordPress Update WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content management system) around the world and its popularity is getting higher day by day along with the risks of being hacked by black hat hackers.  This CMS is under open source license and developers around the globe work behind this system.  They regularly fix issues, problems […]

WordPress Template Websites

WordPress Template Websites

WordPress Template Websites Here are some trusted website that might be handy :   Templatemonster Templatemonster started its journey in 2002 and serves over millions visitors per month for the free template service. They have tons of themes & templates for WordPress, Shopify, HTML, Woo Commerce, PrestaShop, Joomla. Currently there are 2000+ free items for […]

WordPress admin login URL

I Forget the WordPress Admin Login Url Many new users of the WordPress system fall on the problem when they don’t find the way to login. Most of the time users forgot WordPress admin login URL, which is a pretty common issue. In short, the WordPress admin login URL login url or link will be […]

Is WordPress Down

is wordpress down

Is WordPress Down  Sometimes users of WordPress face the problem of finding their WordPress is down and they ask themselves why my WordPress site is down, is WordPress dead? is WordPress is down? Is the problem from this system or is it from the server? Is it caused by any plugin? Which plugin is slowing down WordPress?  […]

WordPress Edit Footer

wordpress footer change

WordPress Edit Footer If you need to edit WordPress footer but are wondering how to edit footers in WordPress then this short post is gonna help you. Needless to say it will help you to understand how to edit WordPress header and footer also. At first, login into WordPress admin panel via: Xyz . com/wp-admin/index.php […]

WordPress Template for Free

WordPress Free Themes You have a domain with a beautiful name which may rank quite good or  have the possibility of ranking higher on the search engines. But your website does not look similar to your domain name or service, can you imagine how that’s gonna hurt your visitors?  Just imagine your domain name is […]

What is WordPress Theme


What is WordPress theme If we find the definition of what WordPress theme is, what is the role of a WordPress theme, we find that it is the set of website pages containing texts, images and vice versa. It is connected with the database and shows the requested data as the user intended to show. […]

Is WordPress a CMS

wordpress cms system

Is WordPress a CMS? To answer the title, first we have to find out the definition of CMS.    What do CMS mean? CMS means Content management system which uses a database to manage the contents of a website using a human friendly interface for easy publishing and editing. Most of the time these CMS […]

WordPress login admin

WordPress login Admin

WordPress login Admin Let’s assume that you are not very familiar with WordPress CMS, installed WordPress successfully, edited or posted posts and anyhow logged out of the WordPress dashboard. Now, you can’t remember the login link  which will lead to the WordPress login page. It is very common to forget these types of complex links […]

WordPress free themes

WordPress Free Themes As there are already 9,898+ free themes on wordpress free theme directory, you may ask, do I need to search on external/unofficial websites for themes? The number of free themes on WordPress’ free themes directory is huge, is there really a need for an unofficial website? Well, it depends on the website […]

wordpress vs self hosted

WordPress vs self hosted WordPress can be executed in two different ways, With WordPress hosted system / WordPress hosting or self hosted. Let me explain briefly.WordPress is an open source CMS ( Content Management system) built by hundreds of thousand volunteer developers who update it regularly. It’s official website is where the latest updates […]

are WordPress websites secure

Are WordPress websites secure In the statistics of the year 2021, there are 1.3 billion total websites on the internet and WordPress powers about 455 million websites alone! Pretty impressive! The amount of the websites run on WordPress tells us how popular and trustworthy WordPress is. Generally we can assume that as a popular CMS […]

Can WordPress be Private

Can WordPress be Private

Can WordPress be Private In short, Yes, WordPress blog and posts can be private / hidden from general visitors, and it is quite easy. You don’t need any kind of WordPress plugin. Lets see how you can create private WordPress blog. You can do it easily while posting. To make WordPress private posts  go to […]

how long does it take for WordPress to publish

How long does it take for WordPress to publish WordPress is a CMS that is equipped with tons of facilities for beginner to advanced level users and facilitates all kinds of functions to publish blog posts or publish Product updates for immediate tasks. It was developed for hassle free posting without much complexity and instant […]

Why is WordPress Site so Slow

WordPress is getting slower

Why is My WordPress Site So Slow You may wonder why my WordPress site so slow which was performing faster while it was launched but day after day it is getting slower. Maybe you have tried many options but it didn’t return any positive results and it has become your nightmare and the reason of […]

Can WordPress be used offline

Using WordPress offline

Can WordPress be used Offline WordPress is a CMS system that was written in PHP paired with MySQL and distribution is free and open-source. WordPress was meant to be online system running on web servers, supporting almost all types. Most of the time, WordPress runs on Linux server as they are lower on cost but […]

How to install WordPress theme in WordPress

How to install WordPress theme in WordPress WordPress can be installed on four basic ways :  1 From default Theme store, choosing one of them. This is a one click setup method, which does not need any permission or instruction or any other permission from user.  When you are logged in on WordPress wp-admin, they […]