Custom WordPress Plugin

Custom WordPress Plugin

WordPress allows the users to post blogs, product items with ease and has the most advanced feature a general user may need. But, it seems that users need to add some extra functionality on WordPress for some more productivity, activity, and facilities on the website. For instance, a WordPress user may need to create a post from older posts and some modification into it to have a newer one. WordPress itself does not have any option to do such a thing. Now, what he can do is – install a plugin named MA Duplicator which allows to duplicate any post and make a newer one. 

This extra functionally can be added in two different ways, First one is to add or modify the WordPress core code and second one is installing Plugins. We recommend you not to edit core codes as WordPress updates its core code from time to time and your whole system may crash or malfunction after update as the new core codes may conflict with your additional codes.

Why Custom WordPress Plugin

The most important reason behind ‘Custom WordPress Plugin’ is it is light, fast performing, most suitable with your WordPress and server system. As they are built custom, developers keep in mind the performance fact, unnecessary code removal facts, structure of your server to optimize the code for fastest performance. You can’t make any changes easily on premade plugins but customized plugins are modified for your comfort, system performance, free from bug error defects.

Custom plugins will extend The functionality of the site along with productivity & time saving.