WordPress Increase Upload Size

If you are a WordPress user, then you are uploading images, pdf, and document files regularly. As they are not much larger in size, having the size in average of 500-900kb highest, there is no issue. But, sometimes you may need to upload larger files than usual and if it is really quite big, then you may face problems during upload. Say, you have a collection of free psd templates compressed into a single file having size of 250MB which is not a regular file size to upload. WordPress will warn you about file size limitations.

WordPress upload limit

We can solve this issue in different ways:
1. Via Plugin
2.Updating .htaccess File
3.Editing functions.php File
4.Editing php.ini File
5.Modifying wp-config.php File

1. Via Plugin
We recommend you to use this method as this is the easiest way to increase the size. Search for the plugin named “Increase Max Upload File size plugin”. This plugin will allow you to increase the file size limit from its settings page.

2. .htaccess update method

You will find this file in the root directory of the hosting space. Most of the time you will not find them as they are hidden system files. Login to your Linux cPanel, turn on the “show hidden files” option and you will find them. Edit it with the text editor and put this code inside it.

.htaccess method for wordpress upload limitation

This is a sample code, you may change it according to your requirements.
You can do the same task with FTP too. After filling the credentials (Host, Username, Password, Port) you will have access to the root directory of the hosting panel and you will find a .htaccess file. Download it on your PC and edit with any simple text editor like Notepad.

3. Editing functions.php File
This method is less hard than the previous one. Login into WordPress panel, navigate to Appearance > Theme File Editor > Theme Functions (functions.php)

open the functions.php file on wordpress

Now put these code inside:

edit the function.php file for wordpress upload limit

Change the values on your requirement.

4. Editing php.ini File
Most of the time you will find this file on WordPress root directory, if it is not there then maybe it is hidden or was not created. Login into cPanel or Ftp and edit it to put the code below:

editing php.ini for wordpress limitation unlock

5. Modifying wp-config.php
You will find wp-config.php on WordPress root, Login into cPanel and edit it with text editor. Add the codes below and you are done.


Hope that these procedure will solve the upload limit issue.