What are Website Themes

Website themes are the files which fetch data from a web server and display them to the visitor. They display those data which they are instructed for by their publisher. If a theme is designed to display the list of audio files from its hosting server directory, then it will do as it was instructed. If it was designed to display the list of products from its database, then it will begin to show the list of products. Themes are the visual representatives of data on any website for specific purposes.

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Basically we can classify themes on 2 categories:
– Static
– Dynamic

Static websites are fixed files, .php or .html files combined with .css. They have the fixed layout and pages and can’t be updated or modified without manual edit.
They do not require much query on the server as there is nothing to process. Most Static Themes are html and php format.

Dynamic themes base structure is fixed but their look, appearance changes or can be changed. Dynamic Themes may contain multiple color schemes that can be switched or their data queries can be switched. For example, if we don’t want the header or footer on a dynamic theme (WordPress theme) and only a fixed page should be displayed on the home page, we can switch them off from the WordPress panel.

Content management systems use Dynamic themes which can be found on their own theme store, like WordPress Theme Store, shopify theme store, hubspot theme store and they are free.