WordPress login Admin

Let’s assume that you are not very familiar with WordPress CMS, installed WordPress successfully, edited or posted posts and anyhow logged out of the WordPress dashboard. Now, you can’t remember the login link  which will lead to the WordPress login page. It is very common to forget these types of complex links for any user. So, here goes the login form link for WordPress:

Yourdomain . com/admin

Yourdomain . com/login

Note that, on some servers it may show admin.php or login.php on the browser at the end of link but it is not necessary to put those .php extensions, typing /admin or /login is enough. It is better to click the tick mark on remember me option

We recommend you to install security plugins like Captcha to protect your website from brute force attacks. If you don’t have the idea about brute force attacks on websites, let me explain. Hackers make numerous login attempts on websites with random codes either to login in the system forcibly or to crush the servers database system. But, when the security systems are installed like captcha, attackers have no chance to breach the security system, multiple login attempts block their access. 

Another way to have easy access on the website is to add the login link on the footer or header area  of the website, You can easily access the login link every time you visit your website.

Please note that, WordPress.org and Wordprsss.com is not the same as they are purposely different. WordPress.com is the official website of WordPress system and the wordpress.org is their downloads provide website. WordPress.com also offers free blogging on their website too.    

WordPress login Admin