I Forget the WordPress Admin Login Url

Many new users of the WordPress system fall on the problem when they don’t find the way to login. Most of the time users forgot WordPress admin login URL, which is a pretty common issue.

In short, the WordPress admin login URL login url or link will be :

/admin or /login

Example of WordPress login address

And they will redirect you to the login page where you have submitted the user ID and password and will be brought into the system panel.

Wordpress login form

If you are not clearly explained, let me explain briefly.

If Our website is x y z.com and WordPress is installed on this location, then we have to type

x y z.com/admin or x y z.com/login 

and we will be redirected to the login form. Though these links works perfectly, wordpress standard link is:

Wp-admin or wp-login which can be altered by

Wp-admin.php or wp-login.php also.


What is the WordPress login url on the sub-directory or Sub-domain?

If your WordPress CMS is installed on a subdirectory or subdomain, their login address will be slightly different but not hard to find out.

If your WordPress is installed on a Sub domain, like on subdomain y z.com then the WordPress login url will be :

subdomain.x y z.com/wp-admin

subdomain.x y z.com/wp-login

subdomain.x y z.com/wp-admin.php

subdomain.x y z.com/wp-login.php

If your WordPress is installed on a sub-directory, like x y z.com/subdirectory then the WordPress login url will be:

x y z.com/subdomain/wp-admin

x y z.com/subdomain/wp-login

x y z.com/subdomain/wp-admin.php

x y z.com/subdomain/wp-login.php

You may see the Short video about WordPress admin login too: