What is WordPress theme

If we find the definition of what WordPress theme is, what is the role of a WordPress theme, we find that it is the set of website pages containing texts, images and vice versa. It is connected with the database and shows the requested data as the user intended to show. This is the basic role of what the WordPress theme does, but it has much more actions, like it can scale itself depending on browser, Machine, user IP and can decide which portion of data to be shown to visitors. For example, if it is a Ecommerce website which needs to show the latest products only on the frontpage, then the user can set it from its control panel and its appearance will be much more relative to it. If it is a gaming site, some website author may choose to have a blackish color scheme which may increase the visit of sites where the previously mentioned theme color scheme will not work at all.
Generally WordPress themes can be installed from its control panel by 1 click installation, but we can upload them externally too. They are found on a compressed zip file and uploaded via WordPress theme upload page.

Usually it will be :
https:// xyz . com/wp-admin/theme-install.php

If we have a look inside the zip file, we will find that there are some .php files which generally executes on the server and call for the data as the user instructs them.
Now that we know how WordPress theme works, let’s talk about another fact. There is confusion about WordPress template vs theme where some people confuse it as the same thing. WordPress theme is the set of .php, .css and .js files which works altogether to display websites data via MySQL database but WordPress template is just a portion used for easier editing. For example, we have made a page which has the part specialized for discount offers and we may need this part for future use. We don’t want to create them again. What we have to do is, save that portion as a temple and insert it whenever we need it in future.

WordPress Theme vs Template

On the image, we can see that we have created a section containing four images and we want this section to be used for future need. We can click on the ::: icon, right click and “Save as template” which will be saved as Template and can be inserted into the post repeatedly .