Is WordPress Down 

Sometimes users of WordPress face the problem of finding their WordPress is down and they ask themselves why my WordPress site is down, is WordPress dead? is WordPress is down? Is the problem from this system or is it from the server? Is it caused by any plugin? Which plugin is slowing down WordPress? 

Many questions arise in the user’s head but there is no answer, what to do when your WordPress site is down.

To solve the issue, we have to first detect the problem whether it is from the server or WordPress system itself. 

To avoid any problem in future, we should use the wordpress Health Check & Troubleshooting tools on our site often. This will ensure we are in the safeguard zone on the system. 

wordpress Health Check & Troubleshooting tools
WordPress Health Check & Troubleshooting tools

Next, we have to check whether- is WordPress down for maintenance or not, because sometimes it can be in maintenance state for update reasons or freeze itself for any plugin error issue. Find where is WordPress dashboard is and update the plugins for bug fixing and most of the time the issue is fixed, and the site will be released from maintenance mode.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, let’s check is WordPress server down or not. Sometimes, web hosting providers may fail to host websites online properly or your hosting service may be suspended or paused for billing issues or disk space issues. Please, contact your server service providers for this and be sure the problem is from the server side.

But if you find that your site is performing slower than before, you may ask is WordPress slow today? In short, the answer is WordPress does not get slower itself, most of the time it is caused by excessive plugin use and huge database size which is not optimized. Quite often a site can perform slower due to servers incapability but it is a rare case. 

is wordpress down