Is WordPress a CMS?

To answer the title, first we have to find out the definition of CMS. 


What do CMS mean?

CMS means Content management system which uses a database to manage the contents of a website using a human friendly interface for easy publishing and editing. Most of the time these CMS systems have the WYSIWYG editing facility which relieves from any kind of backend coding.     

Now we know the purpose of CMS systems on the web, now let’s find out the focus points of WordPress:


What is the use of WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS that can help you easy Content management with the functionality of tons of plugins that adds extra functions on the main system which can save and deliver tremendous service to website authors. WordPress can be used for Portfolio, Online store, blogs and many other purposes.


Special features:

WordPress has some special features that make it special. It supports plugin integration for additional tasks and the amazing fact is there is a huge collection of plugins on their store. As of today there are about 59,835 plugins in their collection of WordPress Plugins!!! And most of the plugins are free to use as the WordPress itself is absolutely free. As an open source system, you can customize it too for your needs !!!! 

Around 43% of websites are powered by WordPress! 

Now, after all the discussion, we find that WordPress holds all the requirements of any online CMS system. That’s why we can call it an Online CMS system. But don’t be confused with the CMS system term with Online CMS system as they both are different in their practical field of use.

wordpress cms system