WordPress vs self hosted

WordPress can be executed in two different ways, With WordPress hosted system / WordPress hosting or self hosted. Let me explain briefly.
wordpress vs self hostedWordPress is an open source CMS ( Content Management system) built by hundreds of thousand volunteer developers who update it regularly. It’s official website is WordPress.com where the latest updates can be downloaded which can be run either on own pc for WordPress install in localhost via virtual server software’s like XAMPP, WampServer or on any hosting server. Nowadays Most of the WordPress systems are not required to be installed on web servers manually as there are 1 click installation facilities on most of the server for WordPress.
Now, as the topic asks for whether we should go for the WordPress site itself vs self hosted setup which is better or which one gives us the most facility?
Well, it’s a complicated matter as this is a fully conditional matter, both condition WordPress vs self hosted has Cons and Pros, let’s find out:

WordPress hosted

WordPress.com has three different options for users, either we can take their free sub domain service consisting of unlimited blog post, images or we can host our domain for free on their server for free which will be limited to posting blogs, images using their system, theme upload is not possible. And the last is, using their paid service which will allow us to upload custom themes, various files on their server. Nonetheless to say that, their hosting service is the most qualified, scaled, optimized service in the world.

The Paid WordPress fastest hosting service of wordpress.com is so superb in quality that there is nothing negative to say except the fact that you can’t use their server as regular hosting servers, can’t upload other kinds of files or scripts, and on the free plans you are limited to their theme upload restrictions. You will be restricted to use any subdomains depending on your plans.

WordPress self hosted

If you are interested in self host WordPress , there will be some benefit for you like you can upload custom themes for better outlook, feel on the website, you can upload scripts as many or any types along with use the web server for other purposes too.
You can use subdomains too.

Though there are a lot of facilities on self hosted WordPress systems, there are some big risks too. You may face slow server performance on the site as the hosting provider may have any technical issues, affecting your business greatly. You may face various technical issues while running the WordPress system on your server if required configurations are not enough or compatible. Accidentally, hackers may cause performance problems on the server or may bring the full server down along with your website too.

Now, on the conclusion we find that both conditions have advantages and disadvantages depending on the user’s decision.