Why is My WordPress Site So Slow

You may wonder why my WordPress site so slow which was performing faster while it was launched but day after day it is getting slower. Maybe you have tried many options but it didn’t return any positive results and it has become your nightmare and the reason of your frustration as your business relies on it. You downloaded a beautiful theme from WordPress.com and started a fast performing website during startup.

Well, don’t get frustrated, we can explain the reason behind it. First, we have to understand the structure of the WordPress system. It is written by PHP which executes its code on the server on the fly and collects required data for visitors from the MYSQL database. Every single visitor generates  multiple queries on the database. When you have  lots of users on the site, huge amounts of queries are performed  which consumes the available processor and ram on the Web server on a huge scale  and makes it non responsive. Besides, when your website gets older, its database becomes loaded with tons of data tables and it begins to take longer time to perform a query as it began to search long way through a cluttered data tables . This is where you need to consult with experts for a proper solution. These issues are solved in multiple ways. At first, you may need to upgrade your hosting system, then additional plugins may need to optimize the full database which will reduce the query processing time drastically. Your hosting system may need to be upgraded to VPS or CDN depending on visitor and query amount. 

Besides, several plugins may be causing issues with the performance of website as they may needs to be bug fixed internally or needs to be removed totally from system.

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WordPress is getting slower