How long does it take for WordPress to publish

wordpress to update changes

WordPress is a CMS that is equipped with tons of facilities for beginner to advanced level users and facilitates all kinds of functions to publish blog posts or publish Product updates for immediate tasks. It was developed for hassle free posting without much complexity and instant updates. WP has image resize, basic alt tag insertion options, meta tag insertion options, private post options and more. 

To answer how long does it take for WordPress to publish we can say that it updates or publishes instantly, at once. If you are facing late while updating any post, there might be some kind of server problem or any plugin is blocking the performance, maybe any plugin is creating a cache on the server and displaying the older cached version instead of updated one. Check out if there is any caching plugin which reduces server load. 

In brief how long does it take for WordPress to update changes, there is no delay on WordPress update, whether it is post update or system update or any media update. All the delays seem to be caused by cache plugins or server system problems.