Can WordPress be Private

In short, Yes, WordPress blog and posts can be private / hidden from general visitors, and it is quite easy. You don’t need any kind of WordPress plugin. Lets see how you can create private WordPress blog. You can do it easily while posting.

Can WordPress be Private

To make WordPress private posts  go to the right side and click on the “Status and visibility”, you will see the “Visibility” option and set it as “Private”. Now your post is a private post, hidden from general people. Similar method applies to WordPress private page too.

Now, we have to notice that WordPress private blogs privacy levels are different for different types of WordPress users.
Private WordPress blog have 5 types of user level: 

– Administrator
– Editor
– Author
– Contributor
– Subscriber

Among them only the Administrator and Editors can view WordPress private pages. Note that, they can’t view other peoples pages, they can only view the posts of those websites on which they are assigned as an author or Editor. These WordPress private publish are hidden from Search Engine Bots also.