Are WordPress websites secure

In the statistics of the year 2021, there are 1.3 billion total websites on the internet and WordPress powers about 455 million websites alone! Pretty impressive! The amount of the websites run on WordPress tells us how popular and trustworthy WordPress is. Generally we can assume that as a popular CMS system, WordPress site security is strong, but are WordPress sites secure technically? Is the WordPress core system strong enough to protect from hacks? let’s check.
As long website authors follow proper method WordPress sites are strong enough to resist almost all kinds of Web attacks like MySQL injection,  distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and more. Using safe plugins, safe themes, using proper security plugins, updating regularly whenever a new release comes follows the good practice of maintaining a good WordPress environment.
But, there are lots of free WordPress plugin, WordPress theme websites across the internet offering eye-catching files for free download and lots of them are made by low skilled developers in the field of cyber security. The themes, plugins made by them lack proper security and installing their theme/plugin will put you on the risky track.

Steps for better Security on a WordPress Website:

Strong Passwords : Use stronger password for login, use Captcha for login if possible.
Installing a WordPress security plugin: Installing a trusted WordPress security plugin may be another option for better security if possible.
Enabling SSL : Secured Server Layer acts like an encrypted / decrypted data transmission on user end to server end data transfer. You should ask our hosting provider to activate SSL service to get the most out of WordPress security.