How to install WordPress theme in WordPress

WordPress can be installed on four basic ways : 


From default Theme store, choosing one of them. This is a one click setup method, which does not need any permission or instruction or any other permission from user. 

Wordpress Theme Store Setup
wordpress theme store

When you are logged in on WordPress wp-admin, they are located on such a link :


– Setup is super easy

– One click installation 


– Limited number of themes or may not satisfy your needs.


From WordPress Upload Method. On this system you have to upload your desired theme file which is a compressed zip file downloaded from theme stores like themeforest or woocommerce . You will get the upload button  mentioned on the previous page.


– Premium Themes can be uploaded.

– Customized themes can be uploaded.


– Little bit of knowledge on WordPress is required.


Install via ftp. you may wonder how to install WordPress via ftp?  On this method, you have to upload the compressed zip theme file via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software and configure installation files and finally start the setup manually. You can use FTP software like Filezilla or CoreFtp for this purpose. Note that, it requires a bunch of configuration and advanced skill. You have to put the theme files inside wp-content/themes on server.

upload downloaded theme files on themes folder on server via ftp
theme file upload via ftp

Pros of WordPress ftp

  • You get the scope to install any version, any older version or any customized version.

  • You will not face any hassle for uploading other file types like .pdf, .doc, .zip, .mp3, .mp4 or any other type.

Cons of WordPress ftp

  • You may face several problems during setup as there might be configuration issues at different stages.

  • You will need a good skill on WordPress system, FTP upload system, server system.

  • The most time consuming method with lots of error and failure. 


Sign up at for a free account and host your domain with the account. For example, If you have a website named then connect it with the account and you are done, quite simple. Your domain will use the control panel to post blogs.

how to add custom domain on
add custom domain on

Pros of using 

– You don’t need any hosting cost.

– You will get unlimited posts, images facility.

– You don’t need to worry about website security, will secure your website with the worlds most advanced security system.

Cons of using   

– You will be limited on theme installations, as they will allow you to only install free themes from their own directory.

– You cant use premium themes which have much more flexibility and facility.

– You cant add/upload other file system like .zip or .doc.


We always recommend that you should try the 2nd method for fast and hassle free installation. For professional services on WordPress you can try our services.